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Parent Counselling For Employees

At Executive Parenting Solutions, the parenting support Anna offers is comprehensive in both nature and scope.   Anna provides not only company seminars on a diverse range of parenting subjects, but also both personal and practical help to any employee facing parenting challenges in a way that solves the issue for the long term.  In short, her methods work.  They are not short term band aid fixes but rather solutions that ensure a smoother parenting ride down the road, all of which create a happier family life for the parent involved.  

By being able to coach an employee through to the successful conclusion of an issue, Anna is able to 

make sure that no matter what their challenge, it is resolved quickly and efficiently and to everyone's satisfaction.  Employees will be supported by a coaching schedule either through Skype or personally in their homes depending on the company's sponsorship level.

With over 30 years experience as a parenting educator Anna is able to provide assistance that works!  She can provide solutions to the following:

  • All children's behaviour issues that invariably keep parents up at night, such as biting, hitting, kicking, temper tantrums, defiance, picky eating, sleeping issues, potty problems, school issues, behaviour issues with peers or other adults and more.

  • Support for parent-school conflicts and their resolution.

  • Support and resolution of challenges with the employment of a nanny, including the ability to personally train nannies in best practice, should that follow-up be personally desired.

  • The ability to provide trusted on going support and follow-up if needed or desired either by the employee personally or as part of a company benefit program.

Why provide company employees with one on one support?


  • More and more companies are coming to terms with the fact that the majority of people in the workforce are going to become parents at some point.  Helping to support them throughout that transition and particularly their early parenting years, lets companies keep valuable talent and helps employees do their best work.   Knowing that as parents they are supported with any issues they may be facing at home, means that companies have a more engaged, committed workforce which is immeasurably better for business performance.

What is the difference in Anna's consulting methods versus traditional counselling?

  • Because of Anna's unique training and over 30 years experience, she is able to provide parents with not only the theoretical help in terms of what is causing the issue and what's to be done but also the practical 'how to's' of accomplishing it. Finding that combination is rare because it requires practical experience actually successfully changing behaviour on the ground.  


What difference will offering our employee these services mean to the company?  

  • It's well known that the millennial generation in particular value a healthy home life balance and they're looking for companies that offer a progressive and comprehensive benefits package. Generation X'ers appreciate it too. It's also well known that the millennial are currently in their peak child raising years between the ages of 22 - 37 years of age. The research shows that an excellent company benefits package is seen as key inducement for recruitment and retention. Parenting is the single most stressful period these employees will encounter.  As a company, you want to see results quickly and you want those results to provide resolution.  That's what Executive Parenting Solutions does.  Anna provides effective and timely help that allows parents to feel relaxed and happy about their home life and better able to concentrate at work. To see on camera testimonials on of people that have benefited, please click here to see a short film.

How often would Anna's child consultant services be needed?

  • As a company, you decide your level of financial support in this area.  You contract with Executive Parenting Solutions for so many hours per employee. It's simply another part of a successful benefits and bonus package that will help retain company loyalty and enthusiasm. Parents today have a lot on their minds with multiple obligations both at home and work. There may be a nanny not working out, or perhaps their child has developed a behaviour that is causing them concern. When a company offers support at these stressful times, they provide parents with the strategies to be successful both at home and work, and as result have a happy and productive workforce.

Parenting Seminars


Seminars include information on:

  • The core needs of children

  • The keys to successful parenting 

  • Practical step by step strategies to deal with all common behaviour difficulties such as temper tantrums, aggression, picky eating, sleeping issues and more.

  • Sleeping, eating and what a predictable course of events mean to children.

  • Your child and technology

  • and lots more.

Additional seminars are available on such subjects as:

  • The key to success - could it be resilience?

  • Self esteem - The positive and the pitfalls.

  • Masters of motivation.

  • The ABC's of character building.
  • and lots more

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