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Why Having a Child Consultant from Executive Parenting Solutions Works​​!

Executive Parenting Solutions provides exactly that, solutions to all the things that bringing up children entails.  No matter what challenge you're dealing with you can feel good knowing Anna, a throughly experienced child consultant has both the training and the experience to help you through it. Here are just a few of the things Anna can help you with:

  • Advice for parents dealing with school related issues along with practical follow-up assistance and support provided quietly behind the scenes.

  • Advice when you need it without having to wait weeks for an appointment with a another professional. 

  • Parenting solutions to common and not so common parenting issues and advice on how to promote the values you cherish in your child and the 'how to's' for the practical teaching of them.

  • Providing solutions to any challenging behaviour your child might display, such as temper tantrums, sleeping issues, picky eating or aggressive behaviour delivered discreetly in the comfort of your own home.

  • Parenting solutions for the more abstract aspects of child behaviour such as lying, selfishness or self esteem issues.

  • Advice on dealing with nanny issues or with nanny personality conflicts with a view to aiding in their resolution.

  • On the job training for nannies or other staff that interact with your child that includes an observation day so as to provide effective and timely solutions. Please see her 'Nanny Training page' for more information.

  • Practical advice on all aspects of child development delivered by your own personal child consultant that would already be familiar with your family on an on going basis.

  • Teaching your children etiquette, table manners and more and transferring that know how to nannies or other caregivers, so practice can be ongoing ensuring your child's success.  Please see the FAQ page for more information on the relevancy of Anna's background and schooling in this regard.

For happy parents and happy kids!

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