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Nanny Training 

Here are just some of the reasons why you should train your nanny:

  • Because you want to be able to have complete confidence in the person you have looking after the most important people in your life.

  • You see every nanny no matter how wonderful they are, has conscious and unconscious assumptions of how children should be raised, which are impacted heavily by the way they themselves were brought up.  These assumptions may or may not fit with how you want your child to be taken care of.


  • It's important to realize that the way your nanny cares for your child has tremendous impact on the people they will become and as a parent, you want to entrust that job to someone who you implicitly trust, someone who you are sure knows what to do and has the skills to do it properly.

  • Training your nanny helps to ensure that they are are fully equipped to take care of your child over the long term understanding their role completely and being on board with best practice in the practical and emotional care of young children.

  • With a nanny you are making a financial, emotional and practical investment.  Having nanny training ensures that works investment for you and your children to its best possible advantage. 

 Why you should choose Anna from Executive Parenting Solutions to train your nanny.  ​

  • Anna has had 30 years experience working with parents, children and caregivers.  You can rest assured that she knows the keys to bringing up happy, balanced and resilient children who become independent and resourceful adults.

  • As a child consultant, Anna provides 'on the job' training.   This is an enormous advantage.  Taking a class with a group of other attendees and learning 'on the job' while actually taking care of your children are too very different things.  A class is theoretical and the situations faced with small children aren't always predictable.  By training your nanny on the job you are showing them what's needed to do their job competently, based on your children, their personalities, your lifestyle and ultimately how you want your children to turn out.

  • As a Child Consultant, Anna includes an 'observation day' as part of the nanny training program. This is to ensure that she knows your nanny's unique situation and areas that work well versus areas where they need training assistance.  This is to ensure that any areas that require adjustment are found quickly and effectively.

  • Nanny training is based on your nanny.  That means their strengths and weaknesses form the focus of the training so your nanny only gets the training they need.  She'll cover how to create healthy eating habits, routines, healthy sleep, positive discipline and much more. Some nannies will need very little training and others substantially more, so the training they get is responsive to both your and their unique situation.  

  • You have the comfort of knowing that your nanny, no matter what their experience or background, can be taught best practice in the privacy of your own home and relax knowing that your nanny is taking great care of your kids!​

Relax in your home with a nanny trained through Executive Parenting Solutions!