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Why employ a Child Consultant?

  • First off, there is a myth that only people experiencing problems can benefit from consulting a child consultant.  The truth is that by employing one, you can head a lot of issues off at the pass and make parenting more fun and rewarding.  To have Anna as your own personal child consultant, means you get solutions to all the normal issues kids present but you also know that you are on the right path to ultimately creating happy, fulfilled children who contribute positively to the world as they grow.

  • It's convenient.  Kids after all come with myriad questions.  Should I let my child have that tablet?  If I do, when it is appropriate to use it?  When should I first let them go out on their own?  Should I make them play in sports even if they don't like it and so on. Many times when you're a parent you're facing an issue you don't want to have to wait weeks for an appointment in order to resolve it.  You want to know what to do. Anna is there as an advisor which means you can pick up the phone (within reason of course) and get an answer and advice on what to do next.  This can do be done in person or by Skype or by a combination of the two.  Please see the FAQ page for more information about how this works.

  • Anna can help you with your interaction with the school.  Schools whether private or public have their own culture which can often be hard to navigate.  Many times she helps parents whose children have been having school problems, such as a particularly challenging time at school.  She supports parents in any way that is helpful.  That can vary from providing an experienced sounding board when negotiating next steps, through to relieving the parent of the time consuming aspects of correspondence in advocating for their child's needs in a way that nobody needs to know she's even involved.  Many parents feel so relieved just have someone on their side who can see things from their point of view.

  • She can travel to wherever you are and take the time to really get to know your family and your wishes for them.  Please see her FAQ page for more information about how this works.

  •  As a child consultant, Anna can stop challenging behaviours like picky eating, sleeping issues, temper tantrums or other behaviours in the privacy of your own home and with absolute discretion.  For thirty years she's been successfully doing just that.  As a child consultant she can work with parents, nannies, caregivers or other staff to ensure those behaviours stop leaving everyone much happier.  For more information how she works to solve challenging behaviours, please go here. To hear how much Anna's clients enjoy working with and just how much her support has meant to them, please watch the video and read the testimonials here.  

  • She can help you provide parenting solutions to the more enigmatic aspects of your child's care, such as how to promote positive self esteem, motivation, empathy, imagination, confidence, resilience, a good work ethic and more. As parents, we all want to create moral kids who behave in a way that contributes positively to those around them.  Parenting doesn't come with a manual but having Anna come and help certainly helps!

  • Anna can provide etiquette and manners training not only for the child themselves but also for caregivers, ensuring that children can get lots of ongoing practice so they can be successful in their efforts.  After all, kids need practice and practice makes perfect.


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